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Megazone is the Ultimate in Laser Games

Step into a futuristic indoor labyrinth filled with smoke, music and lighting effects. Clasping a High-Tech Phasor prepare yourself for an intense battle of skill and strategy. This is the ultimate fantasy. Caught in the middle of a space-age laser battle, you'll test your courage, stealth, cunning, and stamina by tagging enemy bases, de-energising your opponents and finding your way through the vast maze while watching out for the mines.

At the end of each game, each player receives a printed score card that tells you the vital statistics for your game.  This includes game score, accuracy, how many times you were tagged, and much more. Megazone specialises in Birthday Parties, Youth Groups, Business Challenges, Corporate Team Building, Social Clubs, School Groups and Sporting Clubs or just a group of friends.

*Players without suitable footwear will be refused entry to the playing arena.
 All players must be over the age of 7 yrs to play Megazone Laser tag



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