Zone Laser Tag is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of laser tag equipment. Our best-selling systems are innovative, reliable and consistently above and beyond the competition.

The Zone Laser Tag gaming experience is built on 30 years of thrilling kids and adults in over 900 locations worldwide. We’re the biggest Laser tag group in New Zealand, with more than double the sites than any of our competition combined!

From our humble beginning in December 1987, Zone Laser Tag has become the oldest and largest manufacturer and supplier of indoor laser tag systems. Known by different names, “Zone” is the one that has always stuck. Players know us as Zone 3, Laserzone, DarkZone, Megazone, Ultrazone and many more. As a company we’ve never forced people to take our name, instead letting our products do the talking. Which you can see, from the large variations of names across New Zealand!

It’s hard for kids to imagine now, with laser tag so firmly imprinted on pop-culture—Zone equipment has featured on Castle, Shortland Street, How I Met Your Mother and even a Mariah Carey film clip!